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M. Clair

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About me


My journey began in a small town outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.
At Ball State University, the artist inside me was finally able to
emerge. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, majoring
in Interior/Environmental Design and minoring in Weaving/Textile
Design I entered the workforce. As my story continued I made
stops as a commercial interior designer, art teacher, and museum
exhibitions coordinator. Currently, I reside in a small studio
surrounded by nature on the Georgia-Alabama line. At each point
taking a lesson or a skill with me that lives inside my work today.
Through my journey, one thing has remained constant, my love of
design and textiles. In my current work, I use the essential
elements of design, positive and negative space, along with color,
and the texture of the woven element. I hope that the blocks of
color grab you and pull you into the piece, while you are there, the
texture will pique your interest and take you deeper into another
layer of the composition.

I hope my art stirs an emotion within you… maybe something you
have forgotten along the way.



Contact Melinda Clair at:


706 - 333 - 2486

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