M. Clair

Inspired by traditional weaving...

transformed into contemporary art.



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     $175                       8x8 , 10x10


                $325                        9x12 , 12x12         


       $550                      10x20 , 16x16

                                    12x24 , 16x20

      $825                      20x20 , 20x24

                                   24x24, 22x28


     $1,200                    24x36 , 30x30

     $1,500                     24x48 , 36x36 



my process...

I begin my process by creating abstract oil paintings on sheets of canvas. My design is then created with pencil on 1 1/2" profile width, gallery wrapped canvas. Blocks of color are painted in oil and strips of the abstract paintings are woven into the piece.


artist statement...


Since obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Interior Design and minoring in Textile Design, I have had an interest in these two forms of art. Using basic elements of design; line, positive and negative space, color, and texture, I have created an abstract contemporary piece of art. My hope is that the blocks of color grab you and pull you into the piece and, while you are there, the texture pique your curiosity, and take you into another layer of the composition. I hope my art touches you in some way, stirring an emotion within you - maybe something you have forgotten along the journey. 


I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ball State University in 1986, majoring in Interior/Environmental Design and minoring in Weaving/Textile Design. I went on to work for twelve years as a commercial interior designer. In 2000, Georgia became my new home. I became an artist and partner at Artist in Residence in Lagrange, Georgia for eight years. My work in the arts continued as an exhibitions coordinator at The Lagrange Art Museum for four years. 



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